Virtual Reality

The powerful combination of head set and smart phone enables swift delivery of one of the most immersive visualisation experiences currently available, virtual reality. Using stereoscopic CG rendering outputs from our 3D virtual environments – i.e creating two slightly different views of the same CG image – the viewer can be fully immersed in the virtual space. This provides a very convincing representation of how the proposed space will look and feel.

The practical application of this visualisation method lends itself to the next generation of property marketing suites and numerous stages of the design process. For overseas and off-plan sales this is a game changer, putting potential buyers inside any room, apartment or amenity from anywhere in the world (as implemented in our work on the Triple One Collection). It takes visual communication of architecture and interior design to another level. While the gyroscope-controlled tablet devices provided a window into these virtual spaces, virtual reality with the Gear VR headset takes you beyond this and places you within the space.

You can get a glimpse of how this works with a Google Cardboard headset and your smart phone [You can find more information on the Cardboard here].



Virtual Reality ArcMedia_VR_scene
Virtual Reality with the GearVR
Virtual Reality ArcMedia_VR_scene_A
Virtual Reality ArcMedia_VR_scene_B