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A Case Study : Princess Yachts International

ArcMedia has been working with Princess Yachts for 12 of our 15 years in business, having won the first job following a three-way pitch to the client and their agency at the time. We delivered our first images, for the P58 and V45 yachts in 2005 and were pretty impressed with ourselves. Certainly the client was pleased, and has continued to appreciate our commitment and craft over the last decade.

The product and service we provide to Princess Yachts remains fundamentally the same as it was in 2005, but we have broadened our scope in recent years in response to the growing demands of their clients.

Then, the aim was to show customers how the newly designed yacht would look sitting in the water, along with a couple of internals to demonstrate the sleek interior styling and general specification. A virtual photography service, the CGIs allow Princess Yachts to place new, unbuilt models into marketing collateral, sitting seamlessly alongside photography of current models.

These elements remain unchanged, there is still a requirement for images to be used in pre-sales promotional materials, the brochure and on the website. But the use of imagery has also extended to include specific visuals for individual clients’ bespoke fit-out, demonstrating a range of interior options – including those specified entirely by the customers themselves. If a customer has a specific look they’re after, or wants to explore how their idea might look, we can bring their vision to life. Here, CGI has evolved from a marketing tool to becoming part of the sales process, providing a sophisticated and tailored interior design service.

The quality of the images we deliver to Princess Yachts has improved over the last 12 years, in line with advances in CGI technology, new techniques and our team’s expertise. What once was ‘wow’ would now be considered unconvincing.

The images below neatly demonstrate the evolution of CGIs, comparing images of two different yachts, with a similar composition. Why do these look so very different? Besides the new style of the client’s interior design, there are a number of factors.

Princess V45 - 2006
Princess P55 - 2016

The technology we use was revolutionary when we started, and still is today. The industry is constantly improving itself, here’s a little look behind the curtain to see how things have changed.

We saw a step-change in quality with the introduction of ‘linear workflow’ in 2006. A new way of processing light, colours and texture, ‘linear workflow’ gave 3D artists significantly more options for lighting a scene in a more realistic way than ever before, to generate a more natural representation and therefore realism in the shots.

Render quality
Like with everything where there’s a screen involved, there is a growing demand for high definition images, sharper and more crisp. Our investment in hardware to give us more render power (via newer, and a greater number of rendering machines) allowing us to produce ever higher resolution images but also, crucially, increases our ability to produce them within a commercially viable timeframe.

Soft furnishings and materials
Where once we were limited by time and technology to boxy cushions and unflappable curtains, we can now create furnishings that you want to reach out and touch. Advances in ‘soft body dynamics’ make the furnishings in the images more realistic by referencing their ‘real world’ properties. It simulates the genuine motion of the item, for example if the software knows the cushion is made from feathers and velvet, it will ‘sink’ differently to one made from foam and tweed, creating a more convincing representation. This also allows us to save time and effort as we used to have to sculpt each cushion in its setting to get a realistic feel.

The Team
We’re better at what we do.  We have some of the best 3D artists in the archviz business, with more than half a century of experience between them. Our team is growing in size and in skill, keeping up-to-date with latest tech advances and techniques, allowing us to produce exceptional quality images that our clients love, and keep them coming back to us year after year.

With thanks to Princess Yachts.

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